EverLux is one of the best indoor flooring tile. It is made for people loving natural, fine, simply, comfortable and relaxed living. The product is developed for long lasting with features of scratch and dent resistant. It is also pet friendly that outperforms the traditional wood decking.  
This product is made for commercial and residential indoor use. The excellence performance of the products make it durable for normal use even use it in traditional residential bathrooms, kitchens, laundry or utility rooms. 
A lot of color options and patterns to choose that meet your style of living. 
  • SIM1
  • SIM2
  • SIM3
  • GBR
  • SSD
  • CGY
  • MTU
  • CCD
  • EGY

Indoor Air Comfort Gold Certification

Indoor Air Comfort Gold certification ensures that low product emission requirements are fulfilled and is a sign of the applicant’s focus on quality and contribution to a healthy indoor environment.